Market Value Life Lease

Market Value Life Lease is an excellent way to grow your hard earned equity and increase your investment. Everyone knows that investing in real estate is the best return on your investment, especially when it is your primary residence.

Market Value Life Lease allows retirees to continue to gain equity in their primary residence later in life. It also reduces the stress in home ownership.

It allows owners to purchase the space in their suite (just like when purchasing a condo), sell whenever they want on the open market, and sell it for the price they choose. Owners can also give it away, put it in their will, or even rent the suite out to another retiree.

There are no restrictions when buying and selling and you also have help along the way.

Pairing Market Value Life Lease with a fully wheelchair accessible home and you are set for the future. You will be in a stress free living environment, gaining equity in your home, and immersed in an easy-to-navigate home. These important aspects will allow you to age-in-place, gain equity, and have home care come to you.

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