You have spent your whole life
It is time to let someone else do it.

The Rightsizing Conversation

It's a Major Decision but Everyone Eventually Deals with It!

Everyone who has retired or is close to retirement has most likely thought about Rightsizing to a smaller living space. There are obvious benefits to moving to a smaller, less worrisome home but taking that first step can be a challenge.

The idea of Rightsizing is both exciting and scary. It can be related to many feelings you might have felt during other transitional times in your life. Starting a new job, having children, buying a new home are all points in life that require you to let go, change, and dream for the future. You viewed these times as exciting. Rightsizing can be seen in the same light. It is an exciting transition in your life that enables you to change and improve your future.

Being Properly Prepared is the Best Line of Defence

You have been active your whole life but there is one thing you need to understand - changing your living situation does not change who you are. You are not defined by how much house cleaning or lawn maintenance you do. The responsibility of shovelling snow is a risky form of exercise, but don't you think you could spend that time going for a walk or taking an exercise class? Making time for activities that you love and are healthy are activities you should be focusing on.

Freedom is about having the choice to better your future. It is about creating a future path that accommodates your changing life and health. Moving to a home that improves your lifestyle is a choice that you, and only you can make. Making decisions when you have the choice in any transition is easier and more enjoyable.

Life Lease

The Market Value Life Lease model, which is similar to the typical condominium model, allows residents at Pottawatomi Gardens, Ninth Avenue Estates and Marina View Heights to have the right to sell their home at any time, at current market value. Under the Market Value Life Lease model, residents purchase the space (same as condos) in their new home and have complete use of their home for as long as they wish and have access to all shared common amenities and facilities.

As real estate market values increase over time, so do Market Value Life Lease models.  This allows residents to protect their investments and gain equity, which is the same as owning a typical freehold home.  There are hundreds of Life Lease developments in Ontario and in North America, along with many Lawyers who specialize in Life Lease.

The choice you refuse to make will be a choice that is made for you.

The reality is that aging is inevitable and the future is uncertain. This is true for any age group but it seems to be a little more apparent after retirement. Everyone wants to be healthy forever but that is not a reality. You may live to be 100 and still have some sense of independence but life can throw unexpected curve balls. Will avoidance keep you young? Will an unchanging lifestyle keep you happy? In most cases, having choices keeps you active and planning ahead helps the transition.