Rightsizing Services

11/26/20, 9:21 AM

Retirees are often faced with the decision of changing their current living situation. It could be for health reasons or it could be for social reasons. More often than not, this decision is seen as a stressful hurdle to overcome. Regardless of the reason, Rightsizing is about creating a living environment that enhances your life for the better.

Sound Lifestyles Ltd. offers many free Rightsizing services tailored to meet your specific Rightsizing needs. We provide support for you and your family to ensure smooth transitions through every phase of your Rightsizing journey.

Where Do I Begin?

With our free consultation, Sound Lifestyles Ltd. will assess your current living situation, talk to you about your needs and options, and will create a step by step plan to help you decide if you should renovate your current home or Rightsize to a new one.

ALL of our Rightsizing Services are free and designed to help ease the transition into your new home 

Financing & Budgeting

  • Establish your current budget and monthly expenses
  • Establish future budget and monthly expenses
  • Provide financing services

Selling Your Home

  • Establish pricing
  • Help stage your home for sale
  • Connect you with buyers before it goes on the market
  • Connect you with appropriate realtors
  • Connect you with appropriate lawyers

Interior Design

  • Provide design services for your current and future home


  • Guide you through the process of choosing what you need
  • Help find new homes for unwanted furniture and items

Furniture Assessment

  • Measure and access what furniture you want to take to see if it will fit
  • Go shopping with you to choose new furniture

Moving Day Services

  • Guide you through the packing process
  • Provide reminders and important dates
  • Organize the move

Educating Your Family

  • Talk to your family about the Rightsizing process and the importance of "less is more" at this stage in your life

ALL of our Rightsizing Services are free and designed to help ease the transition into your new home 

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Katie Graham
Sound Lifestyles Ltd.

Vice President

Are You Ready To Make A Change?

The following questions will help you decide if now is the right time for you to start Rightsizing:

  • Do you currently have activities you would love but you feel you do not have the time or energy to do them?
  • Do you spend more than 7 hours cleaning your home on a typical week?
  • Do you spend more than 5 hours maintaining your home on a typical week?
  • Do you entertain large groups in your home less than twice a year?
  • Do you have any rooms in your home that you rarely go in?
  • Do you have concerns about discussing rightsizing with your family?
  • Do you use less than 50% of items in your home?
  • Is there furniture in your home that is never used?
  • Do you have any mobility or health issues?
  • Do you feel you do not socialize enough?
  • Do you worry about keeping track of expenses and maintenance requirements of your home?
  • Do you agree with the following statement - Own less to live more and change before you have to.

If you answered yes to most of these questions then it may be time for you to start thinking about your Rightsizing plan. Don't worry! Sound Lifestyles Ltd. is here to help guide you along the way!

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