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01/03/20, 4:14 PM

Retirees are often faced with the decision of changing their current living situation. Regardless of the reason, rightsizing is about creating a living environment that enhances your life for the better!  We are determined to change the retirement lifestyle experience, intergrating active living within fullly accessible living environments that reward the later years in life.

Sound Lifestyles Ltd. is dedicated to bringing excitement and energy to the 55+ housing community.  We are providing new visions for the retirment experience.  We believe that aging is inevitable, but getting 'old' is not!

Sound Lifestyles Ltd. is a division of the Graham Group and manages, designs, and develops housing that is specifically for people aged 55 and above in the Grey-Bruce area.

We offer many services tailored to meet your specific Rightsizing needs. Whether you want to renovate your current home, move to a multi-residential development, learn about our fully accessible new home optons, or are just seeking guidance and consultation about Rightsizing.

We provide support for you and your family to ensure smooth transitions through every phase of your rightsizing journey!

Our Rightsizing Solutions for You!

  • Free Consultation
  • Building Adult Lifestyle Communities
  • Financing & Budgeting
  • Help Sell Your Current Home
  • Coordination of Services
  • Interior Design
  • De-Cluttering
  • Furniture Assessment
  • Moving Day Services
  • Educating Your Family
  • Educating You About Life Lease

Accessibility by Design
Any living space should designed to be fully accessible. It is more comfortable and reduces the need to move again. Each room and doorway should allow the full turn radius of a walker or wheelchair. The accessible design also makes it easier and more cost effective for any type of home care service to come into your home. All Sound Lifestyles Ltd. new builds and renovations are fully accessible.

Adult Lifestyle Communities
Sound Lifestyles Ltd. developments are only for adults over the age of 55. This ensures that the development does not gradually change in demographics. Another benefit is that socializing is very healthy. It has been proven that having neighbours who are close in age can make a positive impact on you and add years to your life.

Investing in a Sound Lifestyles Ltd. Development
Approximately 30% of all Canadians are Baby Boomers. The demand for well-designed retirement housing is just starting, and will continue to grow substantially over the next 20 years. Life Lease is the most cost effective and low risk method to invest in this newly developing Boomer retirement market.

If you are thinking about Rightsizing and finding a more enjoyable lifestyle or are interested in more information, please register with or contact us:

Sound Lifestyles Ltd.
Katie Graham

Vice President