About Sound Lifestyles

11/26/20, 9:38 AM

Sound Lifestyles Ltd. is dedicated to bringing excitement and energy to the retirement housing community by providing new community concepts and fully accessible homes in the Owen Sound area.  

Aging is inevitable, but getting 'old' is not!

Sound Lifestyles specalizes in designing, building, and managing housing that is exclusive to the 55+ housing market. We are determined to change the retirement  experience by intergrating active living communities with fullly accessible environments that reward the later years in life for all of our residents.

We also provide support for you and your family to ensure smooth transitions through every phase of your move and rightsizing journey.  

Below are some of our free services:

  • Rightsizing Consultation (are our communites right for you)
  • Financing & Budgeting (detailed information on cost and montly resident fees)
  • Help Sell Your Current Home (connect you to realtors who work with retirees)
  • Coordination of Services (create realistic timelines for getting ready to move)
  • Interior Design (support for staging your current and ideas for your new home)
  • De-Cluttering(connecting you to professionals to help pack your boxes)
  • Furniture Assessment(give you a clear picture of what will fit in your new home)
  • Moving Day Services (help coordinate your move day)

If you are thinking about Rightsizing and finding a more enjoyable lifestyle please register or contact us.