Freedom 65 Communities For Your Lifestyle

All Baby Boomers will be over the age of 65 in just a few years.  This generation's large population has affected society throughout the years and will continue to do so in the future, especially with access to appropriate housing and health care services.  

All Sound Lifestyles communities are designed, built, and maintained with the focus of empowering the active Boomer lifestyle.  They are designed so that you can pick up and travel without having to worry about home maintenance 24/7.

Investing in Freedom 65 housing ensures that any boomer can navigate their retirment lifestyle and see their equity continue to increase, while still finding comfort in a home that can adapt to their changing needs.

Who knows want the future can bring.  Make plans today so you are prepared for tomorrow!

Do You Want To

  • All of our sales include customizable options!

  • Our suites adapt to your changing needs, allowing you to age in grace.

  • Don’t worry about snow removal, we have it covered!

  • Book the common room at no cost!

Why Not Invest In Your Future?

Equity growth is also an excellent benefit to being a Sound Lifestyles resident.  All of our communities have significant equity growth each year.  The best investment anyone can make in this day and age is in retirement housing. Why is that? Well, supply and demand is the reason.

The Baby Boomer ‘grey tsunami’ is just beginning.  We have never seen the effect of these demographics ever before in North America.