The 5 Lifestyle Considerations When Rightsizing

07/19/19, 10:25 AM

Sound Lifestyles Ltd. has identified five major points that people over 55 should be aware of when thinking about Rightsizing and changing how they live:

Retirement Housing Challenges - Because the Baby Boomers are coming of age, a significant demand for appropriate retirement housing has begun. This has never been seen before in North America and will continue to grow substantially over the next 20 years. This demand will make good retirement housing harder to get, which in turn will cause it to grow in value, making it an excellent investment.

Rightsizing is a wonderful stage in life that brings greater freedom and less worry. Sound Lifestyles Ltd. is not just selling bricks and mortar. We understand the emotional and logistic challenges that Rightsizing brings. We have qualified people who can help make this exciting time in your life even better.

Accessibility in the home has become more of a concern as our population lives longer. We understand that and have designed our developments to accommodate all areas in the home, not just a larger front door to get in.

Adult Lifestyle Communities - It has been recognized for decades in Europe that the older you get, having neighbors that are close in age, and having similar goals/interests, will make a positive impact on you, and add years to your life.

Location - Owen Sound is conveniently located in an ideal place for accessing excellent medical services, nature, entertainment, and shopping amenities. People can utilize all services without driving a great distance. There are no other similar sized rural cities in Ontario that have the extensive medical facilities that Owen Sound has!

Register or contact us to learn more about our rightsizing services!

Register or contact us to learn more about our rightsizing services!