What Makes a Home Fully Accessible?

Having mobility issues, temporary or permanent, is a topic many people face as we navigate through life.  No one likes to think about not being able to get around but it is a reality for many retirees.

Living in a home that is fully wheelchair accessible may not seem sexy but is an important detail in order to age-in-place comfortably. 

If you want to avoid a LTC home or retirement home for as long as you can, then living in a fully accessible home gives you options for safe and cost effective home care.

So what are the aspects of a home that make it fully accessible?

  • No stairs anywhere – one level living with no steps to get into the home or anywhere inside the home.
  • All doors 38” wide – large passageways helps navigation
  • Large washrooms – 5-foot turn radius to navigate easily in the space
  • Walk-in showers – bathtubs can be dangerous and hard for home care 
  • 2 exposed walls beside toilet – clear spaces for grab bars and no cabinets hindering the space around the toilet
  • Recessed washroom vanity – knee space under the counter 
  • No islands in the kitchen – islands reduce the amount of floor space 
  • Lower upper cabinets – reduce the height so reaching up is easier
  • Open concept layouts – reducing wasted space in hallways
  • Short travel distance to front door –encourages individuals to come and go from their home more often
  • Large garages – allowing individuals to open their car door fully inside the garage

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