Large Family, Little Home – Retirement Concerns

Moving to a little home when you have a large family is a major retirement concern. One of the main concerns retirees have when moving to a smaller home is trying to host a family function without a lot of space.  Many worry about it and ponder questions like:

What can we do to keep the grandkids entertained without our pool?

How can we fit everyone at a small dining table?

Where will everyone sleep?

How am I going to cook a large meal with no counter space?

Where am I going to store all of my stuff without a basement?

These are legitimate concerns and are ultimately solvable but requires one to think about it differently.  Once you look at it differently, you see that change is inevitable and change is ok.


No longer have that pool or backyard for the grandkids?  Try taking them to a public pool, park, beach, or rocky shoreline.  Kids also love to do crafts and play boardgames.  Sometimes cuddling on the sofa with a movie is all they need too. 


Have a small dining room that only fits 4 people? Kitchen too small?  Have your adult children host family dinners and events.  Another solution is taking the family out for dinner. That way you don’t have to worry about preparing everything and someone else gets to clean up.


Only have one bedroom for multiple family members?  There are many affordable hotels for families to book.  Some even have swimming pools and large dining facilities to help alleviate the crowded feeling in your small home.  


Worried about lack of storage?  The whole reason for moving to a smaller home is so you do not have to keep all of that stuff.  That stuff does not define who you are.  If you have items packed in a box and have not looked in it for a few years, that stuff is not that important to you.  Think your kids want that stuff?  Think again!  They did not take it when you offered it years ago, why would they want that stuff now? Try donating items to a local charity.

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